Customer Data Protection in HealthTech, FinTech, and IoT

Innovative technologies and services, including HealthTech, FinTech, and IoT, are generating, processing, and storing massive data in clouds – private and sensitive customer data. Data are valuable assets and sometimes construct as a core part of businesses. Companies need proper protection to safeguard these data, to gain customer's confidence and to fulfil compliance requirements without impacting their ability to be nimble and inventive.

With Enyk's developer-friendly software development kit (SDK), application developers can easily encrypt sensitive data in their database to prevent data leak. Authcore's authentication features let developers add multi-factor authentication and adaptive access control to web and mobile applications quickly and easily, allowing developers to focus on creating the core features of their applications.

Blockchain Key Management

Organizations looking to implement blockchain technology, no matter if it is a private enterprise blockchain or a public blockchain, face a similar challenge, key management. Current key management solutions are either expensive, difficult to use or inadequate to support blockchain applications.

Enyk enables users to use simple login methods such as password, multi-factor authentication to securely log in without giving control of their private keys to a third-party. Users' private keys are safely managed by Enyk using the Intel SGX enclave. The system helps thwart insider threats by tracking and restricting what can be done by privileged users such as system administrators, providing a strong end-to-end protection of blockchain assets.

Enterprise Cloud Data Protection

Security has become a major concern of enterprises adopting cloud services as the data physically resides with the service provider and out of direct control of the data owner. Further, companies must meet government and industry compliance and regulations.

Enyk provides unified access management for hybrid-cloud applications and integration with Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) capability in popular key-management-as-a-service products (KMasS) to encrypt data resides in cloud services. With on-premises key storage appliance, Enyk help organizations to conform with certain regulatory or data sovereignty rules.

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