Authcore Vault is a cloud-based blockchain key escrow and management solution to provide enterprise-grade protection to digital assets. With the intuitive and streamlined UI of Authcore, Authcore Vault enables everyday users to manage their wallets and perform blockchain transactions securely, lowering the entry barrier of decentralized applications.

Hardware-grade security

Authcore Vault provides hardware-grade security by facilitating Intel SGX. All keys are encrypted and managed in an enclaved cloud. Users have full control over their keys, hence their assets. Nobody reaches their keys, not even us.

Zero learning curve

Users can access their digital assets via multi devices. No more hand-written recovery seed. Familiar set up and login processes bring blockchain to everyday users instantly.

Support various digital assets

Authcore Vault supports all digital assets based on Ethereum, and those build on new generation blockchain, Cosmos Network.

How it works


Case Study: Likecoin

Likecoin, a project which tries to reward creative contents via blockchain technology, was facing challenges to bring blockchain to everyday users lacking relevant experience.

Users have to pick a wallet before loading any coins. No matter if it is hot or cold, they are far from user-friendly. Having a secure and user-friendly wallet is an essential task for any project similar to Likecoin.

Authcore Vault is the perfect product for Likecoin. It brings hardware-level security to protect private keys which are critical to managing valuable Likecoin and makes Likecoin accessible everywhere, from Apps to any browser. And with its simple and intuitive design, a user could sign up and manage Likecoin quickly and easily.

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