Authcore provides a fast and secure way for users to log in to your apps and systems. It supports social account login and equips with customizable UI. All user accounts are secured by multi-factor authentication. You can add Authcore to your system rapidly via a developer-friendly API.

Security first

Authcore provides enterprise-grade security to users. User identity is verified by multi-factor authentication. And it notifies users whenever their password is at risk.

Easily Accessible

Authcore features single-sign-on, which allows users to sign in to various apps by using one set of login. Its passwordless function enables user to login without the need to remember a password.

Developer in mind

Authcore’s API makes integration an easy task. Advanced authentication could be added to your web and mobile apps with little coding.


Multi-factor authentication

Choose from SMS, TOTP, FIDO2 & Web Authentication

Zero-knowledge password proof

Verify password using advanced cryptographic protocol. No more password breach.

Developer-friendly API

Elegant gRPC and REST API

Web and mobile apps integration

Add advanced authentication to your apps with little coding

Social Login

Support sign-in with your favorite social platforms

OAuth & OIDC

Instant integration with any apps that use OAuth or OIDC standards